When your passion for life and career collide.

I want to be that teammate you can count on

Quick Thinking and Fast Acting Tech Support Engineer


In 2017 I worked with a large non profit company and I found a visible weakness in their online platform. I made a suggestion and months later, when the Non profit's company aired on National Television, their then current platform indeed slowed down as I had told them previously. The non profit contacted me and I was able to get their website migrated and onto a more secured platform with my company by time the national broadcast had aired in the central states. 


Union Station Volunteer Dinner 2019

Works alternating weekends at the Nelson and Union Station. During the winter months also helps with the homeless community and the KC Ballet.

About Me


Growing up in KCMO was an extreme privilege. I graduated from HS and soon I moved to Illinois where I started my family and my career in the car trade. After a move to AZ, a divorce and a career change to tech, did I feel the internal "click"

of purpose. DNS, Hosting, CMS, Servers, all of the words and how they worked, what role they portrayed in the computer world made sense. This is where I enjoyed my career and now have found a passion. I assist pro bono, local companies with their technical concerns. Rather its hosting email or even building quick or more complicated sites. This is where I'm most happy, in serving my clients and providing great service everyday.

I have now moved back to KS. My mother has dialysis and its nice to have our family around. My 2 youngest children are attending school here and my oldest is travelling currently. My previous company was not located in Kansas and although I do love my current employer, I find myself still longing for "THE ONE" company. The one where your ideals and the ideals of the company match up. This is when greatness happens. In 10 years I plan to have my name on a brick that Union Station gives to volunteers after 10,000 hours of service. I hope to be employed by a company that is not just my employer, but is like my family on that day.